French native, Patrice BISIOT is an industry leading hairstylist and a creative genius. Following years of international experience, Paris was the beginning of a long lasting passion.

By age 10, his vision was clear and the goal was set. Graduating 2 years early from school, he decided to pursue admission to the most prestigious Beauty Academy in all of France. As the youngest graduate in the history of school, Patrice BISIOT set his sights on the finest salons in Paris. Never settling, never accepting, consistently demanding the BEST.

Trained by the Masters of the craft, he showed extremely fast an extraordinary drive and ambition.. From Runway to Red Carpet, from Editorials to Award Shows and High Profile Clientele, he has mastered his own technique.

By age 18, he needed more. Leader at heart, he saw himself becoming the Manager of 3 salons in Paris (once again youngest ever in France) but the world was not big enough. Such track record naturally attracted a major offer:  Salon Manager and Team Leader in the prestigious Bal Harbour Shoppes located in Miami Fl.

US: land of the dream. A place where ambition and hard work was rewarded. No mistakes, no second guess, this was big time. The challenge was upon him. Every day a new adventure, adversity before him, moving towards the ultimate goal.

A year later, his name had to be on the door. Opening his salon in 5 stars Resort, he was able to set the the bar higher. With extensions in New York, Beverly Hills and major cities around the world, this was only the beginning. Fashion Shows, Magazines, Artists and Celebrities have heralded his work as an innovator in concept and design.

With a couple of major projects in the making, Patrice BISIOT is living his dream.

His craft: his passion. Creating hair: his life.